about me
about me
Hi! I'm Anke, also known as ankepanke and I'm a Dutch designer. I was born in the summer of 1981, I live in the south of the Netherlands with my sweet BF and in a not too distant future also 2 kittens. I’m always doing something creative. Really: it’s my job, but also how I relax. I love to doodle, no piece of paper is safe from me.. sometimes it doesn't even have to be paper or a pen, you can doodle with and on pretty much everything!

My all time favorite materials to work with are my iMac and Wacom tablet. But when I'm drawing 'for real', I use a Staedtler 2B pencil, because it's easier to erase (less trace than a normal HB pencil), Staedtler eraser pen, this is great to erase small areas. And last but not least, a Pilot fineliner. It dries quickly so less chance of smudging. The tip is felt, so nice and smooth lines. I do have to add that I usually cut of the tip a pit, so it immediately has a wider line. All these items are also available in the shop, enjoy!

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